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Right, the module is working great... a rule is creating the file perfectly.. but how do I then get the fid of the file to 'set a data value' of a filefield to add the file to a node in Rules.

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I'm trying to accomplish this too (not succeeding very well yet)

My usecase is:
After a Drupal Commerce order is completed a PDF invoice is generated and that PDF should be inserted into a private file field so only the order owner can view the PDF invoice file.

Not sure if you're doing this yet, but the first step is to bring the field you want to write the file to into scope:

go to Rule - Conditions Section
Add a condition of type "Entity has field"
target the "base" entity type that is in scope.

For my case I added a file field to the order first, and to bring it into scope I did as you can see on the attached screenshot.

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