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Last updated: April 24, 2012 - 20:06

Release notes

  • Issue #1278292 and #1278268 by pounard: Use APCIterator and trust APC TTL
  • Issue #1457820 Views editing throws an AJAX error when APC is enabled
  • Add testing to the module
  • Issue #1361214 by boran: Invalid arguments passed in implode() line 52 of apc/apc.module
  • Issue #1278232 Provide documentation on clearing the cache when running cache clear in CLI (Drush) mode.
  • Issue #1052788 by vividgates, pounard: APC backend needs to be able to use a configurable prefix to avoid sites key collision
  • Issue #1235300 by pounard: Allow APC to handle all serialize/unserialize operations
  • Issue #1139430 by rjbrown99: package name to Performance and scalability.
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