I'm going to look at the errors related to theme initialization. Hopefully this gets me started down the path of fixing all of this test fails.

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I was able to fully fix the errors here by doing the following:

  1. Apply the patch from http://drupal.org/node/1183208
  2. modify menu.inc to use current_path()
  3. modify common.inc to use current_path()

BOOM, no exceptions and 5 passed tests.

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I've probably done something silly. Starting with the current kernel branch, I applied the patch from #1183208: Remove variable_get('clean_url') and switch to index.php/path pattern for dirty URL support
Then, I did a find and replace for all $_GET['q'] and replaced it with current_path().
In testing the tests that this issue targets, I found that all of them passed. But that got me to wonder, what else would pass?

So I'm submitting this patch for the testbot to test. Hopefully there will be less that 750 failed tests and less than 16k exceptions.

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Oh, the test bot isn't going to test this...I'll post it to the kernel issue.

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