I'm using slideshow as a banner on the front page. It cycles through stuff that is available on the site.

I'd like to link each slide (image) to a specific node or taxonomy category. Example: The slideshow displays images of tables, chairs and couches. So now I need to link the image that shows couches to my couch category url like mysite.com/couches .

Is this possible somehow? I couldn't find any help on this.


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Add a url field to your image content type then link your image to that field. I use the Link module for my url fields as it will verify the link automatically.

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This may seem like a daft question, but how do I link the 2 fields?

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Hi, Are you referring to image content type, the content type which is shown by the views slideshow?
And for me the same question, how to link these two?
greetings, Martijn

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I have done this on several sites by rewriting the output of the image field as follows:

<a href ="[field_link]"><img src = "[field_picture_url]"></a>

Of course, you will need to get the field tokens from your replacement patterns pull-down, but it's a very workable solution. Another approach would be to use the Link Redirect module, but really, this is the easy way to go.

A refinement would be to use the above code as the rewrite of the LINK field, and if empty use the "empty field" option to just display the unlinked image.

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