Drupal Development Services

DrupalDriven.com is a corporate website of the Drupal web development company DrupalDriven. The project is serving as an online means for the customers to get the information about the company and its services.
The website includes several content types which represent main groups of company’s services, partnership programs, company and its portfolio and also news, articles and events.

Implementation and Tool

Language: PHP / JQuery / Ajax
Technologies: Drupal / PHP / JQuery / Ajax / MySQL / caching techniques

The main problem while creating the project was to increase the website performance and to reduce the server load. To solve these problems was used the content caching with Memcache and also nginx was used on the server.

In total

Drupaldriven.com project was launched seven months ago. The time and practice shows that CMS Drupal 7 was a right choice. Drupal is always in the process of improving: new features and functions always appear and their implementation doesn’t harm the website functionality.
During the time passed a lot of content has been created and hundreds of users have been registered. The database of the website grows day by day but it doesn’t affect its performance.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

It had been decided to use CMS Drupal 7 for the project implementation. The reasons why Drupal had been chosen are as follows:

  • High flexibility and scalability that allows to increase the website functionality in future without visible trouble and to set up any changes in the existing functions;
  • The increased speed of the tasks because of numerous ready solutions that are available;
  • Flexible theming;
  • High level of security;
  • Easy administration;
  • Quality documentation.
Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Views, Panel – for viewing content;
Superfish – for increasing usability;
Captcha – to prevent spam messages;
Google Analytics – to control and monitor visitors behavior;
XMLSitemap – for easy crawl;
ShareThis – social media promotion of content;
PageTitle – SEO titles.