There are a lot of good Drupal tutorial videos available on the web, and it would be nice to be able to include (some of) them in the documentation on Currently, this is not possible for anyone not allowed to use "full HTML" input format, which would then also lock the page for most people.

Proposed resolution

Add a designated multiple-value field for embedding videos. Make the first video display at the top of the post, and any other videos below the body (to avoid having 10 videos stacked before any explanation of what the videos cover).

Remaining tasks

Review if this idea makes sense.
Add a video field in a sandbox, to try the idea out.

User interface changes

A new field to use when editing documentation pages.
There may be one video displayed just before the page body, and more videos below it.


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I was surprised that I didn't find a discussion about this already. This was the closest thing I found:

There's an ideascale idea for this over at

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Yeah, I thought we had an issue too, but I don't see it either. Thanks for filing it! I'm not sure how we want to proceed on this, or whether it would be a spam magnet, but it does seem like a reasonable request.

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RE #3 - that one is about *uploading*, and this one is about *embedding*, so I think they are two different requests, but it's good to know about both.

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While I like the idea of some use of video, I also some concerns and reservations.

For one thing, it's not only much more time-consuming to review a video but mistakes and outdated information are difficult (sometimes impossible) to fix.

We might also need a policy or style discussion around what constitutes appropriate use of video in the docs context. Should we permit videos on any page? Is there a limit to the number of videos displayed on one page? Do we care about length or sound/video quality? What about videos that are otherwise useful but also tack on a cheesy sales pitch for a product or service. Is that ok? Should we require transcripts and/or closed captioning so that the content is searchable and accessible?

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I agree with the concerns brought up - I would propose the following to account for some of the issues thus far, although some would be easier to implement than others...

- Don't allow simple add/edit video option for each page. As LeeHunter mentions, this would definitely lead to commercially oriented videos being promoted rather than genuine user content.
Instead, create/re-use a ticket system just as with issues and bug fixes where users could suggest certain videos for certain pages. These would then be checked and moderated
by someone with that authority and appropriately placed. If the content is good but includes commercial content, the original creator could be asked to provide a non-commercially based version. If they
want credit, they would be able to do so on their end without compromising Drupal.

- If embedding causes a page to be uneditable due to full html control requirements, a separate area in the template might need to be created, one with a different edit authority - left blank when empty.

- outdated and incorrect information could easily be managed through a 'report video' system attached to each video.

- I would also suggest, that while the content would be user contributed, it should be controlled through permission granted copying of the original content into a Drupal controlled account (youtube, vimeo, etc). This will prevent modification
or deletion of the content outside the control of the moderators.

- Transcripts can easily be put in the user contributed domain, just as most other documentation. Perhaps a simple button alongside the report video that allows users to view or edit the transcript for any given video.


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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)
Related issues: +#1246118: Allow uploading of videos (screencasts) to d.o

Actually there is already an issue for this: #1246118: Allow uploading of videos (screencasts) to d.o