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SHA-1: 1229cd5d48d65b20bed89b621d13427fe8b97185
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Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/entity:^1.0'
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Release info

Created by: fago
Created on: 22 Apr 2012 at 12:47 UTC
Last updated: 22 Apr 2012 at 12:51 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Compatibility note: If the i18n Translation Sets module (i18n_translation) is used, an i18n version of 1.5 or later is required!

Changes since 7.x-1.0-rc1:

  • #1530520 by linclark: fixed minor typo in an exception message: 'Cannot created'
  • #1461546 by linclark: Documentation: entity_field_info() should be entity_hook_field_info() in entity.api.php
  • fixed entity_property_verify_data_type() to work with non-numeric entity ids.
  • Issue #1436064: Ease using the EntityAPIController with non-DB data.
  • added a more sensible Entity:defaultLabel() default which adds in the translated label.
  • fixed module to be correctly stored when already existing entities are added as default. Fixes feature modules to avoid disappearing entities when newly created features are updated.
  • Issue #1458568: added hook_{entity_type}_defaults_rebuild() for exportable entities, so modules may efficiently update their caches.
  • Issue #1452026 by tim.plunkett: CTools content type plugin defines the category incorrectly.
  • Issue #1422848: Optionally expose computed properties as views fields.
  • Issue #1423174 by das-peter: Fixed the list wrapper to use array_key_exists() instead isset() in offsetExists().
  • Issue #1376126 Fix language handling for translatable fields.
  • fixed wrapper to allow setting singe image/filefields to NULL.
  • metadata wrappers: fixed updating a property of a generic-entity reference, includes test coverage.
  • Issue #1356978 added basic i18n integration to be used by provided entity types.
  • Issue #1349350: added property info for the user's preferred language and the current page request's languages.
  • Issue #1196456: fixed entity_form() to properly initialize $form_state.
  • Issue #1419598 by mrfelton, fago: fixed compatibility with the latest features module for exporting entities via features.
  • Metadata wrapper: fixed auto-creation of node bodies.
  • Issue #1410538 by dereine: Provide a human readable output for entity properties having options-lists in views.
  • #1400058: fixed notice when description is missing in the the views integration.
  • Issue #1368478 by dereine: Provide a views entity-render area handler.
  • Issue #1414702 by dereine: overviewFormSubmit/overviewFormValidate should get form, form_state parameters.
  • Issue #1386230 add a bundle() helper method to the Entity class.
  • Issue #1413912: fixed entity admin UI menu items to include a default local task for the listing.
  • improved wrappers to allow bundles to re-define existing properties
  • Issue #1412568 by fabsor: entity_metadata_user_access doesn't check the status of the user
  • Issue #1405050 by fubhy: Fix handling bundles in entity_form_submit_build_entity() in Entity API for now.
  • Issue #1402274 by ygerasimov: Admin UI Operations links: Remove clone for non-exportable entities.
  • #1399618 fixed rebuilding exportables to correctly delete disappeared defaults + improved performance when clearing caches.
  • Issue #1065724 by klausi: array_flip warnings appear in data-selection views.
  • Issue #1261044 by bennetteson, fago: Add support for using rendered entities as content in ctools.
  • Issue #1390728 by serialjaywalker: entity_hook_info() does not define hook_entity_property_info_alter().
  • Issue #1359492 by loganfsmyth: fix usage of static variable in entity_ui_controller().
  • #1368632 entity-ui: fixed changing cloned entities to not affect statically cached entities.
  • Issue #1365194 by loganfsmyth: added an pager to the overview of the admin UI.
  • #1350830 fixed entity access for taxonomy terms to properly check for 'update'.
  • #1364462 improved docs of EntityDrupalWrapper::save().
  • #1375788 patch by Amitaibu: entity_metadata_wrapper() should fully load the global user.
  • basic performance improvements for the entity wrappers.
  • improved performance when replacing tokens.
  • #1357902 allow querying for referenced terms, includes tests.
  • #1058856 added multiple-value support for entity tokens, as well as basic support for data structures and tests. This makes entity tokens work with multi-value fields.
  • #1331342 fixed views field handler settings related to multiple fields handling.
  • #1348122 Avoid EntityMalformedException caused by the views field handler: Missing bundle property on entity of type.
  • #1259916 patch by tim.plunkett, Damien Tournoud: Load reference fields when building content.
  • #1344056 patch by drunken monkey: Options list for node status is the wrong way round.
  • #1347634 patch by das-peter: Fix strict warning of entity_views_plugin_row_entity_view::pre_render(&).


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