I created field_data_reference to save data between two or many node. when I view Node detail, I want to display all entities that reference with entity reference. Example:
I created Node: Question Entity, chooses Entity API from Entity Reference Field.
I have a tree
Question Entity ->Entity API (data from Entity ReFerence field).

Beside, Entiry API have reference with Rules, Ctools. So I have a tree
Entity API->Rules->Ctools.

I want to dislay tree in Question Entity as hierachy :
Question Entity->Entity API->Rules->Ctools.
I use to recurse but it is not display as hierachy. Please, tell me how can I do?
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I have the exact same question

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Me too!
looking for nested hierarchy support
eg:node1 is referenced by 2 and 2 is referenced by 3, and i want to use dependent filter to get the grand child i.e 3.

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Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hmm... I've found three threads so far, each asking the same question with no answers.

Comically, the Tree (Adjacency Model) project documentation page contains methodology for three separate solutions and a TODO for this particular circumstance.

I do not wish to use View Fields View because performance matters.

Does anybody know of a walkthrough for setting up the Entity Reference hierarchy in views, beyond the first two tiers?