Sometime in Drupal 5 or earlier, we moved the user table's access column to a separate table because it was updated every page request. In Drupal 6 and later, this only happens every 3 minutes per user, overwritable with a number of seconds in session_write_interval. I think we should not carry this hack forward to Drupal 7 since core has a different solution. It would be good to deploy this on Drupal 6, so we can verify it scales, and have one less thing changing in production on launch day.

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It appears that's BZR commits to revert are 56 and 61. Diffs of these are attached.

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IIRC Narayan has previously said that the previous advantage we've had from doing this was gone now, so it is a good idea to revert.

The patches don't seem to be complete, there is some search related stuff in there that is unrelated and it is missing the profile module which was also patched.

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We'll also need an upgrade path to move the value of the column and then drop the table.

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Are we planning to do this in the pressflow based vendor branch? Localize is also merged off of that and would be happy to get rid of this customization there too :)

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Tag. And I'll probably end up doing this myself.

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Attached are patches to remove the core hacks, and a drupalorg update to move the data. Generated by diffing against bzr+ssh:// and cherry-picking chunks with users_access.

We'll keep the table for now so we can quickly roll back without DB changes.

Gábor Hojtsy – let's do this site-by-site.

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Altering the users table will lock a lot of queries, so we need a downtime. I'd like to go for Thursday May 9th 5PM PDT (0:00 UTC). Here is a draft announcement:

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Narayan had no objections, so this is being deployed in about 24 hours.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.