This is on MAMP and Mac OS X 10.7.

I turned on every App (save SEO) to try the distro and the install stalls with the first attached error.

Then discovered Mac OS Lion, MAMP , localhost / Unable to install apps via ftp and Document different ways to install and performed the chmod -R 777 sites.

Erased the db, deleted settings.php and started over.

Now it stalls with the second attached error.

Any support would be appreciated.

Second Error50.82 KBaangel
First Error31.73 KBaangel
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The ftp connection screen does have to do with a lack of rights/permisssions. Maybe it has to do with directories which are created after you ran chmod... Try installing oe, but skipping the "Apps" page; then, once the site is up, go to the Apps page, and try installing. If you get the ftp connection screen, then try changing directory permissions; I think that will sort things out.

The error on the careers and portfolios apps I suspect is a problem in oe or the app server.

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That worked better, thanks.

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I'm somewhat unclear about Install on local machine. I'm running Acquia-Dev Desktop on a PC and also can't get past the FTP login.

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On initial install, I'd suggest skipping the Apps and Demo Content [Skip this step]. Verify you have a successful base install. Afterwards, set file attributes on on the sites and sites/all/modules folders to writable (windows I guess is properties -> uncheck readonly, apply, Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files.) Then try installing apps from /admin/apps/levelten.

Before you deliver anything to a public server, be sure to review

Take a look at You can set up a lamp environment in a virtual machine on your Windows system, configured with drush, eclipse and xdbug; might make it easier to follow examples.

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I also had problems with Aciquia Dev. I skipped the steps you said. Maybe have a notice during setup about this.
I like what you guys do and it looks ropey to get errors on a clean install.

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Title: Fresh install fails with FTP challenge » Unable to recover from FTP errors on a fresh install

Retitling the issue to reflect what seems like the larger problem here: If you have any issues with the FTP phase of the install, there's no way to recover from it.

I can imagine this frustrating new users in particular who may not recognize the connection between installing apps and needing to configure FTP.

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I'm also unable to get past this FTP error stuff ?

Also tried skipping the Apps installation during the initial installation. However, I'm unable to add any of the Apps ;-(

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To get the around the FTP issue, I went ahead and downloaded all the "enterprise_xxx" modules (AND all other modules they require to work - about 30+ different ones) from G.O and added them to the profiles/openenterprise/modules directory. (Thank you Drush)

Then I went ahead and did a clean install (local MAMP installation) and skipped the Apps installation page.

I still get "getimagesize()" error mentioned elsewhere.

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I also was unale to complete the Open Enterprise installation because my server requires an SFTP connection. I deleted all the files and database and started again. This time I skipped the step to install the applications. It worked!

I then discovered that the additional modules had already been added to my installation. Now to update all the modules and to begin the real work.

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Today, 9/10/2012 the problem still exists - see

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chmod 755 sites/default works for me.

The need to fix directory permissions comes from the apps module, and a fix was committed on August 15, 2012:

I would not recommend upgrading the apps module to 7.x-1.0-beta7 yet because it produced some errors about duplicate images.