After a fresh installation I immediately decided to update after seeing a couple of modules needed to.
In the process, i think during db update, I get this error message:

Fatal error: Class 'context_condition' not found in /home/abc/public_html/openenterprise/profiles/openenterprise/modules/defaultcontent/plugins/defaultcontent_condition.inc on line 3

What do I do next, short of a new installation & avoiding the updates?

I'm currently on a shared server & going to test OE.
Not sure but i think the current errors are not related tio server limitations.

Also during installation (well before the update process - aftwer which things otherwise "appeared" OK - with no error messages) I got the following errors

There was an error installing enterprise_blog.
    There was an error installing enterprise_careers.
    There was an error installing devel.
    There was an error installing enterprise_events.
    There was an error installing enterprise_faq.
    There was an error installing enterprise_forum.
    There was an error installing enterprise_images.
    There was an error installing enterprise_links.
    There was an error installing enterprise_location.
    There was an error installing enterprise_portfolio.
    There was an error installing enterprise_rotator.
    There was an error installing seo.
    There was an error installing seotools.
    There was an error installing socialmedia.
    There was an error installing enterprise_video.
    There was an error installing enterprise_webform.

Thank you in advance.


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One the first part, about getting a conflict on updating a dependent module, to avoid getting stuck, do a mysqldump before you try the module update; then, if a conflict like this comes up, you can revert the source and restore the previous database.

The second block, where an error was reported on every app, this is maybe a rights/permissions issue on the server? I would go with the clean install, skipping the app-install step, and then bring the apps in one at a time from the apps page.

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I have the same Problem. After installing several times I'm actually fed up and this is the last try.
I installed the open enterprise distribution with all standard settings.
Did not get any error message. Everything looked fine. I ran the standard updates and after that got the message.
It seems the defaultcontent module is not installed properly. There is no entry in the system table (SELECT name,status FROM drupal_system WHERE type='defaultcontent'), but whe I try to install the module I get the message "module allready installed".

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How is your problem the same? lionheart8 reported that "during installation" he saw the listed errors, and from that we can guess that the install is hosed from the outset, probably because of a rights issue ("There was an error installing..."). The fact that things were screwy after this should not be to surprising.

When you say "installed ... with all the standard settings" what does that mean? if you mean clicking the [Install Apps] button with the default settings (Blog, Rotating Banner and Default Content), I'd recommend against that (selecct [Skip this step]). Get the base site up first. If you're still getting your ground, make a mysqldump at this stage so that if you run into problems, you can just go back to that checkpoint instead of having rerun the install.

When you say "ran the standard update" what does that mean? Where you say "got the message", what message?
If you mean example.com/update.php, it executes and returns "No pending updates" for me.

Regarding default_content, try WHERE name='defaultcontent' (instead of WHERE type='defaultcontent'). I have no problems disabling, uninstalling, and reenabling this module.

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So I did that & only installed the pre-selected, suggested blog & rotating banner.
After that, the page coming AFTER setting up the FTP credentials 6 the subsequent installation is blank!
To get to the front page, I just typed it in.

I just noted that on going to the apps page, only the rotating banner was "enabled". all the rest including the "blog" (!) where "available".

I did not install any at this time, though & instead, tried to create a basic page.
On "previewing", the page reloaded back to "create basic page" without the content. After that, though, I also got a blank page on previewing.

If I tried saving right away, on submission the page was blank.
If i however typed the front page url in the location bar, I had the following:

Basic page How to Make Moroccan Cookies or Biscuits has been created.
Welcome to OpenEnterprise
No front page content has been created yet.

If I go to the "Content" page, I can only "edit" the new content. Viewing leads to a blank page.

This is what is on the Status Page:


Drupal 7.12
Access to update.php Protected
CTools CSS Cache Exists
Configuration file Protected
Cron maintenance tasks Last run 14 min 31 sec ago
You can run cron manually.
Database system MySQL, MariaDB, or equivalent
Database system version 5.1.61-community-log
Database updates Up to date
Date API System date settings
The timezone has been set to Europe/Berlin. The first day of the week has been set to Sunday. The medium date format type has been set to to Fri, 2012-04-27 17:07. You may find it helpful to add new format types like Date, Time, Month, or Year, with appropriate formats, at Date and time.
Drupal core update status No update data available
No update information available. Run cron or check manually.
File system Writable (public download method)
GD library rotate and desaturate effects bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
Node Access Permissions Disabled
If the site is experiencing problems with permissions to content, you may have to rebuild the permissions cache. Rebuilding will remove all privileges to content and replace them with permissions based on the current modules and settings. Rebuilding may take some time if there is a lot of content or complex permission settings. After rebuilding has completed, content will automatically use the new permissions. Rebuild permissions
PHP 5.3.10 (more information)
PHP extensions Enabled
PHP memory limit 200M
PHP register globals Disabled
Total Control administrative dashboard Hidden features
Total Control has even more features if you are using the following modules: statistics
Unicode library PHP Mbstring Extension
Update notifications Enabled
Upload progress Enabled (PECL uploadprogress)
Web server Apache
jQuery Cycle Library Installed


(I'm currently at Hostmonster on a shared host for testing purposes.)

Regarding "permissions", for Drupal proper & other scripts, I have not encountered any issues. In the original posting, it might be the problem was with correct FTP credentials in case it is required.

So I wonder what to do next or to wait.


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lionheart8, it's not clear to me what you're saying. First, when you say "So I did that..", what did you mean?

I'm recommending you get a site up without selecting any apps, skipping the pre-selected, suggested blog & rotating banner and default content. Certainly if you can't add a basic page, (is that what you're saying?), that has to be worked out first.

Regarding premissions, I think the way that the apps are served (from an app server) is a different context from the way modules is installed, so we need to understand what rights are required to support installing from an app server. If there are problems here, I assume they are general host configuration issues relevant to installing apps from an app server, and not specific this distro.

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I re-did the installation after reading your comment, leaving out the pre-selected apps + content.

I do not remember getting this error last time:

Updates downloaded successfully.
Error message
Notice: Undefined index: projects in apps_profile_download_batch_finished() (line 172 of /123/abc/public_html/enterprise/profiles/openenterprise/modules/apps/apps.profile.inc).

After the FTP stuff,I got the message below:

OpenEnterprise installation complete

Unable to send e-mail. Contact the site administrator if the problem persists.
Congratulations, you installed OpenEnterprise!

By not installing any apps, your site is currently a blank. ...

I have never got that email error ..., not even last time. This time no empty page though & I could "go to your site's home page".

I immediately went on to create a basic page ...

Last time mentioned above, I do not remember that "editor" being available ... [in both cases, I went straight to creating content after installation]

I tried to create content & also this time, "preview" brought back an empty create a basic page back & a repeat with submission of content to an empty page.

So the result is the same without those apps/content ...

Regarding what you say about permissions in the last paragraph, does it need asking the host hostmonster) about the server settings? As said, with default, I can do most basic Drupal stuff. Recently they allowed moving me to a test php 5.3 server, because some specific Drupal profile (distribution?) I am also testing required it. The rest of the sites are 5.2 ...

I hope I have answered your questions.

kind regards

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So you end up with a site where you can't add a single page of content? ('brought back an empty create a basic page') ??
I'd look at the php and mysql logs after installation. Surely there is some indication of the problem....

About the message "Notice: Undefined index: projects in apps_profile_download_batch_finished() (line 172 of ...." I think the only way you can get there is be unselecting all of the app install options, and then selecting "Install Apps", instead of "Skip this step". If you select "Skip this step", you will not go down that path....

To sort out these problems, you need to get a working baseline where you control the resources, then you will be in a position to see what a problem with the host environment, vs a problem with the distribution, vs. a problem in a contrib bundled into the disto, vs. a problem with your particular implementation.

If you willing to take a step back, I would recommend getting a local environment going, before trying to get things up on a managed hosting environment. Michael Cole's quickstart is pretty easy to get going, it doesn't matter if you on Win or Mac.

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I updated as well during the installation process. First, I installed fresh and immediatily updated the core and modules as recommended. That worked out fine on first guess, but then i got the error message.

As written in my posting, I did the whole installation several times in different configurations, but tried again, as you wrote with "skip this step" for the app part. Everything worked out fine. I did all the updates: everything fine. No error message. Then I installed the first app (image). Still everything fine. Then I checked the available updates again for "appearance" and found available updates for strongarm, token and colorbox. I installed these updates without any error and when I did the database update got
"Fatal error: Class 'context_condition' not found in /srv/www/4922/www/drupal.infomanagement.at/profiles/openenterprise/modules/defaultcontent/plugins/defaultcontent_condition.inc on line 3 "

So for me there seams to be an interference between the app installation and the error message.

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The default content module is not essential, so you could simply disable it.

Regarding the updates to contribs: (strongarm, token and colorbox as you mention), you might not want the updates. Ask the question, why do you want to use a distribution instead of starting off with drupal core? At one end of the spectrum are people looking for a site-in-a-box; at the other, those looking for a foundation for site-building. Either way, the first thing you’re getting with a distribution is a curated set of modules on which some integration testing has been done.

Unless the security team flags a specific module version, you probably don’t want to take updates unless you have a specific reason, a particular bug you’re trying to fix of use case you’re trying to meet. The idea is that the module updates will be rolled into a new release of the distribution, where some integrated testing will have been done. You could write a book about the devil-in-the-details, but that’s the theory at least.

Certainly while you are still in the stage of getting your ground, avoid bringing module updates into a distro only because they become available.

So you seems you have a working installation, yes?

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Yeah, your're right - thoght that a distribution will make live more easyer: what an illusion. ;-)

So, back to core and install only needed modules.

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Good question. Let’s just look at the open enterprise base distribution, with no apps installed, so we can compare it to starting with a drupal core install.

Open enterprise includes over forty contrib projects as part of the base install. The first question is, how many would you want anyway? How useful are the others? Are there any modules you probably don’t want at all?

Here, I’ve organized the contribs installed by Open Enterprise base install (no apps), by some loosely defined categories

Essential infrastructure - You probably want all of these for every site:

  • libraries
  • ctools
  • views
  • views_bulk_operations
  • entity
  • entitycache
  • features
  • features_override
  • strongarm
  • token

Structural Enhancements - You probably need most of these; you might consider references and node_connect more advanced than you need for simple site building.

  • date
  • link
  • field_group
  • filefield_sources
  • references
  • nodeconnect

Navigation - All of this stuff is pretty much essential, certainly welcome

  • pathauto
  • redirect
  • globalredirect
  • navigation404

Improve site administration: All of these are useful, and maybe include improvements you wouldn’t have found on your own:

  • admin_menu
  • total_control
  • backup-migrate
  • block-Admin
  • boxes
  • options_element
  • simplified_menu_administration

If you agree that the above modules are mostly essential and the others useful choices, then we’re down to what Open Enterprise base is delivering in terms of UI and usablity (again, before any apps). Most people will consider the wysiwyg and imce part of their baseline. Panels is generally welcome. Personally, I’m using superfish instead of menu_block, but other than that, I think the base install is a good place to start.

Enhanced UI / usability:

  • wysiwyg
  • wysiwig filter
  • imce
  • imce_wysiwyg
  • image_resize_filter
  • insert
  • panels
  • backports
  • caption_filter
  • menu_block
  • elements
  • email_registration
  • transliteration

If you installed drupal core with all of the above modules, one of the differences would be that Open Enterprises pins all of the modules to versions that were tested together at the time the distribution version was cut. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of time you spend looking into errors due to inconsistencies between module versions. (This can be particularly important, for example, with the infrastructure pieces, ctools, entity, views and features, which are interdependent yet loosely coupled.) The theory is that by staying with distribution releases, you will be insulated from some of this kind of headache.

Open Enterprise also gives you an Omega based mobile-ready theme, but that’s another story.

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The original issue here, ie. the

Fatal error: Class 'context_condition' not found

error, appears to be from a missing Context module. Install and enable http://drupal.org/project/context and see if things start working for you.

This appears to still be an issue/bug in OpenEnterprise 7.x-1.0-rc2.