I must be missing something here.

I created a new style that scales to about 800px. Uploaded an image into an image field and set it's display settings to the new style. I then added my style to the the responsive list.

When viewing the node page, I simply get the 250px wide image generated, and i can't figure out what to do to get the wider ones generated and swapped in.



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I am getting the same problem.

EDIT: To make this comment a bit more then useless I should add that I am using Beta 8 rather then dev. I also tried it with various styles, with a variety of effects, and they all produced the same outcome. This may or may not be relevant, but I am also using the Aurora theme.

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So I think I know the issue that you both are having, and it comes from the way I'm trying to figure out when to swap images. The goal that I have is to swap images based on image width not viewport width, but I've been running into issues where the image width calculations simply aren't reliable enough for me to do that. As such, Borealis RI needs a bit of a rethinking on my end, which is why I removed a recommended version. I hope to have some free time soon to sit down and rewrite the switching logic.

Can you both do me a favor and go into sites/[site, possibly default]/files/styles and tell me if you have borealis prefixed folders in there? If you do, at least I know that my code for generating the image styles is correct and I only need to focus on my JavaScript.

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I was getting the folder 'borealis_full_respondsmall" after viewing on the desktop
and 'borealis_full_respondmedium' was generated after viewing on iPad

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Interesting. I still don't think that the current version is going to work for you, so hold tight until I can push an update.

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Component: Miscellaneous » Borealis Responsive Images
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Having the same problem, and I can't use the module until this is fixed. When would you expect to have it fixed? I'd be happy to help =)

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I know what the issue is, I'm working on fixing it. I've got a proof of concept built, will work on converting it to a workable Drupal implementation hopefully at NYCCamp this weekend.

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Great, thanks!

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Okay guys, check out and please test beta9. If it hasn't propagated yet, use Version Control here:

Beta9 should have image swapping fully working now, and has some code that I'm using to set me up to accomplish #1649616: Add Minimum Size for Custom Scaling Settings. Currently, the small image will load in and then the larger image will swap in; as part of a larger rewrite I'm in the process of, this should change.

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WOW. Just installed it and it works beautifully! Thanks! Really impressed =)

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Okay all, this is officially a call for testers. Checkout the current version of Borealis RI


You'll notice a new Settings local task on the Responsive Images page that will let you choose a min size for your images (not feature complete yet, will save but won't actually change anything) and allow you to upload a placeholder image to be used instead of the smallest scale image (think blank.gif). If you upload an image there, it will be loaded in as a 1x1px image through a custom image style. There is an included blank.gif in the module's images directory for you to use if you'd like. Suggestions as to have the option to use the 1x1 image style or the normal small style are open. Thank you guys in advance!

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RC1 is up, solving this issue AND allowing for choice of minimum size.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)