I really like Node form columns! But I have a small problem:
I use the domain access module. This module adds a "Domain Access settings." - field to the node form. I can see and change the position of this field in the standard "manage fields"-tab.

But I can not see this field in the "manage form" tab of Node form columns. So I can not change its position (I would like to move it to the right region).

Any idea why this field is not showing up there.

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I have the same problem.
Any hint?

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I think the original intention was to skip over additional settings, which aren't placeable separately. I have a patch to still hide those, but allow editing other fieldsets like domain settings.

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I think once this patch is committed we're ready for a new 1.1 release. Anybody out there want to test this out and mark it RTBC or needs work? Any testing help is greatly appreciated.