On, for example, the Student Life landing page, I can post announcements/events.

However, because the block views which would list them, only list content of type 'Club', they're not displayed anywhere.

Not really sure how to approach this since there's no Views Or for Drupal 7. It would be nice to have all announcements etc together rather than in different blocks/pages. All I can think of is to make Student Life a club rather than an admin unit, and filter out nodes belonging to it from Views it shouldn't be listed in.

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Actually, just discovered SQL ORing comes as standard with View 3 (nice!), so not so difficult after all ;-)

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I should have addressed this as part of #1525612: Adjust top-level sections nodes to be administrative units I may have missed something in the views rework because the block display and contexts should have been reworked similar to what you describe in the initial issue.

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I did fix this but forgot to file a patch.. Just took altering the views filters to " Published AND ( [Clubs] OR [belonging_to_student_life_gid] ) "

Edit: For the sake of making sense - " Published AND ( [belonging_to_a_club] OR [belonging_to_student_life_gid] ) "

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This patch

  • adds an OR group to the filters on julio_team/clubs/departments_annoucements/events default views
  • removes the override on the announcements page display- I couldn't see a reason this was necessary
  • fixes a broken context for announcement/event blocks on the Athletics page, and changes them all to variable_get() rather than static node/nid
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@lightsurge Awesome, thanks!

I've applied this patch and am making a few adjustments to avoid duplicate blocks. I'll probably be able to push these changes tomorrow morning.

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This is set. Top-level groups now have "News" and "Events" blocks that display the appropriate content from that group *and* all content from the corresponding group type. I.e. the "Athletics Events" block displays events from the "Athletics" group and from all "Team" groups.

I'm still figuring out how to handle galleries, so I'll address that in a separate ticket.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.