I set a breadcrumb for a content type. For certain child-pages in this content-type, I want to set an individual breadcrumbs, but the breadcrumb set for the node-type never gets overwirtten by the path-settings.
I also set the weight of paths breadcrumbs as first, but it still is not showing any effect. In general the path-breadcrumbs work, but they always get overwritten by the content type breadcrumbs when those are in effect..

Am I´m doing soemthing wrong. Is it not possible to overwrite node-breadcrumbs?

Thanks for any help


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I have a similar issue. I want to override a particular node type crumb by either a path or a main menu rule (I don't know what weight to change to affect the menu rule though).

I have made the path rule the heaviest, but the node rule still wins.

Forced to use a PHP visibility rule for the time being...

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Have the same issue. Weight options seem not working.

Upd. Just needed to clear site's cache. Everything is working.