As a new drupal user I have been managing most of the problems I have encountered so far. However I find it difficult to overcome the message "The specified ImageMagic path /usr/bin/convert does not exist".

I have created this directory in several different places of my website trying to see if it helps, but it does not want to accept it. I even tried to change back to the built in toolkit with no success. All in all I have not been able to visualise any picture, yet although they are definitely uploaded, imported and HTML has been changed to full HTML.

When responding, please acknowledge, that I am a beginner. Thank you very much.

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This caused me great pain as well. What I've determined is that you MUST know what OS your server is running. The ImageMagic module is attempting to access libraries that are effectively unique to each OS. For me, we are on a MAC OS X, and for us /usr/bin/ worked great.

So, the key, find out your server type, and then locate the libraries you are attempting to access on the server.

You should be all set.

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Scott Baetz
Web Developer

Scott Baetz
Web Developer

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i had the same problem as stated above, except i solved by using the GD library instead.

what you could do to find the ImageMagick dir on the server is simply type in "locate imagemagick" (without ") then it should display the installed libraries with the name "imagemagick".

hope this helps

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Even i am facing the same problem.Could any one please explain more about how to fix this below error.

Error it shows "The specified ImageMagick path /usr/bin/convert does not exist."


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I have the same problem.

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Just install the Imagemagick on your server, it's all ;)
ie. Debian

apt-get install imagemagick
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as you said.... it was the solution.....adipoly(means marvelous in Malayalam)

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I have the same problem, but the imagemagick package is installed...
The php5-imagick package is installed too
It's strange...
Thanks by advance

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Sorry, I'm stupid, I had the safe_mode enable

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Hi, mine is doing the same, it was running fine and then just stopped? We've changed server but don't understand why that would have changed it...

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Jillianredwitch hello, I had the same problem, we changed server and it happens more to upload images to our site, if you knew how to solve the problem, I would appreciate your help

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We are having the same problem on our site, what did you to get it resolved?
Thanks very much.

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I couldn't figure out how to add URLs to stop the blocking from open_basedir

So I just SSH'd into my server and copied the 'convert' file to ''

Everything is working fine now.