I installed the latest alpha version but when I try to create content, like an article, one can preview but simply nothing is saved! I have tried this several times in vain.

Also, after a new install, View your new site page is empty. Is this normal?

I thought there's a problem with memory on the test shared server, but I raised this from 128 to 200M - no effect.

What could be wrong?
Is there any documentation for BEGINNERS for this great profile? Some documentation i saw seems to assume one knows quite a lot ...



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Which features do you have turned on? Knowing this will make it easier to help you out.

We are currently lacking some beginners documentation for 2.x since our focus is still on development unfortunately. We will start working on end-user documentation once we hit beta which means feature freeze.

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I turned on all possible options offered during installation, which I had intended to test.

I remember with the previous version, which I first uninstalled, I could at least preview & save the content, though I had some an unanswered question on how to get this to the front (index (?) page + other questions I had but had to more or less give up on them, since I did not see how to realize what one sees in the video about the module.

Anyway, currently, the issue is saving content. Apparently it's not possible to download the dev version => The requested URL /files/projects/nodestream-7.x-2.x-dev-core.zip was not found on this server.