I have installed both the Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 versions of nodestream and have gone through the couple of videos I could find that actually show how things work a bit. I have 6 pretty much figured out, but I am interested in going forward with a 7 install- the only hitch i'm having right now is that there is no way to edit regions on the 7x install.

I have attached a couple of screen shots, but basically when I hover over an area in 6x, i get the "edit region" box which allows you to make changes to how content is viewed. in the 7x screenshot, nothing comes up. After watching the video on vimeo showing the 7x demo, it is clear this edit region box should appear.

What am I missing that will allow for this critical piece?


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You should see a small wheel in the right corner of the region. You should get a "Edit content" link if you click on it.

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That context menu is unusable in my case.
The wheel appears far right (please see the screenshot) and is visible only as long as mouse cursor is on the content element (white area on screenshot). However is disappears as soon as I move the cursor right. Is there any other (menu?) way of getting to it?

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I ended up going back to a 6x install. When I went to edit, there was no way to manage or reorder, as is available in the edit region button.

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Please observe that as user 1 you will see edit panel as a contextual link. This is not what you are after when editing a region. Please see the "content" cog wheel available to the right of the region you want to edit.

I have attached a screenshot with the two cog wheels opened to demonstrate what I mean.

Feel free to reopen this issue if you still have problems.

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Version: 7.x-2.0-alpha9 » 7.x-2.0-beta1
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I'm having problems with seeing the wheel!! There is a wheel saying "edit view" but the "edit content" is not there!!!
How can I fix it?!

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I concur, that cog is way too far to be reached.

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I have same problem.
I am working build a news site.Maybe nodestream very be usefull future.I like it but i don't control issues and theming