When trying to edit the initial default IMCE profile, if you're not logged in as initial user (user id: 1) then you will receive an "Access is Denied" message.

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I am having the same problem. And yes, I have made sure that the other profiles are not using the maintenance setup.

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Category: bug » support
Priority: Major » Normal

It was actually a feature where profile#1 is editable by only user#1.

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It was actually a feature where profile#1 is editable by only user#1.

Hi, can you kindly explain what does it mean?
WHat should I do to make the IMCE file browser usable by non admin users?
Thanks a lot

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It's not about allowing users to access IMCE. You can always create a new configuration profile and assign it to the user roles you like.

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Do you mind to state the steps clearly so that junior developer like me or rather beginner will know what to do?
Your helps is very much appreciated.

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i have exactly the same problem and i am not using profile-1 nor sample profile, means I did setup a dedicated profile for another role and also allocated the profile to that role. I even tried with profile-1 settings populated into this new profile, I still get the access denied error for this role.

admin can still upload images, so it should not be any server configuration and rights issue here. any more hints?

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Same deal here. Anyone solve this one yet?

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Just installed IMCE and ran into this problem...

On our site, we've got a single sign on system so really no one should ever be logged in as admin. We get by with the 'administrator' role and, in special circumstances, when I truly need uid 1, I'll work around it by using drush and/or disabling the SSO module temporarily, but it is a pain.

Maybe I'm not understanding something about how this works and why it was chosen to use admin role so specifically, but wouldn't it be better if a check was performed for the 'administrator' role instead of uid 1?

Something like this,

  function isAdmin( $user ) {
    return is_array($user->roles) && in_array('administrator', $user->roles); 

I can roll a patch for this, but I'm curious if the maintainer(s) can elaborate on this feature and why it exists... is there a reason checks like these can't go based on the administrator role? Right now it feels like I'm locked out of my own site :)

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I had this issue as well. Make sure you set the configuration permissions correctly here: /admin/config/media/imce as User-1, or whatever you want to call it.

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Status: Active » Fixed

IMCE is now allowing administrators to edit User-1 profile.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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If you are experiencing such problem. Simply disable the imce module, delete it the module folder and reinstall it.