I install the module and enable 'Append page title to breadcrumb'. Its working perfectly for everything except the forum pages.

Any ideas how to resolve?


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I just noticed this on my website as well. A fix would really be appreciated.

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I believe this is due to forum_node_view setting the breadcrumb. You could probably just implement hook_node_view or override template_preprocess_page to get the breadcrumb and append the title. For appending see, this bit from menu_breadcrumb_init:

  if (variable_get('menu_breadcrumb_append_node_title', 0) == 1) {
    $node_title = filter_xss(menu_get_active_title(), array());
    if (variable_get('menu_breadcrumb_append_node_url', 0) == 1) {
      $breadcrumb[] = $is_front ? l(t('Home'), '<front>') : l($node_title, $_GET['q'], array('html' => TRUE,));