I am using WYSIWYG module and TinyMCE library.

After installing Video, Video UI modules and then checked for Video in the WYSIWYG profiles.

Now when I edit any page using WYSIWYG, there is an icon to add video. When I click on that icon, it asks for video dimensions. Nothing else is asked, not even to uplaod video.

Am I missing something like some library to install a video player etc.?

Any help is appreciated.



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When you have uploaded videos then you can see them in the wysiwyg browser, this is not just like media browser which is capable of uploading media.

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I have uploaded videos on FTP under files folder. But it does not show those videos to pick from.

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Component: Video Players » WYSIWYG integration
Status: Active » Postponed

I'll look at issues around WYSIWYG integration later.

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What would be correct code to insert video files (manualy uploaded via FTP), in Full HTML body?

I have used SWF tools (with Flow Player) in D6 and was using [swf file="flash/video_file.flv" image="/video_image.jpg" params="width=460&&height=345"]

Is the same/simmilar scenario possible in D7?

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SWF tools is not yet available for Drupal7 so you can not use that.

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Yes, I know that there are no SWF Tools for D7, but I was asking for alternative or simmilar way of achieving the same.

I finally end up using http://code.google.com/p/flvplayer/ for FLV and http://code.google.com/p/mp3player/ for mp3

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I ended up using ckeditor and http://drupal.org/project/ckeditor_swf for embedding video files.

Hope this helps.

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Version: 7.x-2.5 » 7.x-2.6
Status: Postponed » Active

Maybe the same problem - "Video browser" is empty (it shows only "Player dimensions")
...even the files are uploaded via node save or ftp.

Settings are:
- Video module 7.x-2.6
- WYSIWYG + CKEditor
- no transcoding (just upload via node or ftp of mp4 and flv files)
+ video.js to play the file

Please help with some directions where to look?


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I didn't get any solution for this. I tried to setup this module but I could not. I ended up using ckeditor_swf module. Hope you get the solution. If you get the solution then please post here too so that others can get some help as well.


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According to the code in video_file_browser() you only get videos (1) uploaded into a field of an entity (nodes, users, ...) and (2) which you own (means: you are the author).

There seems no way to choose from the file system directly.

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Is solution exist? How to use wysiwyg integration for adding video?

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Component: WYSIWYG integration » General
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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)