I enabled Zecoder and went to Transcoders tab and received this error:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in libraries_info() (line 340 of /Users/me/Sites/acquia-drupal/sites/all/modules/libraries/libraries.module).

"Select a video transcoder will help you convert videos and generate thumbnails.

Zencoder is unavailable: The Zencoder API module has not been setup properly."

What is my problem?

Edit Sorry, I don't know whether or not to post this here or under LIbraries API - I didn't know if it was because Zencoder isn't set up properly or if it's a Libraries issue.. If I don't enable Zencoder I don't get the error.


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I didn't have the Zencoder Library installed correctly at sites/all/libraries/zencoder so now I have enabled Zencoder just fine.. however, error remains so it must be my Libraries API module alone.

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I pinned it down. It's not Zencoder that's enabling this error, it's Views Slideshow: Galleria 7.x-3.0-alpha3. For some reason I'm having a conflict between these three modules: Libraries API, Zencoder and Galleria... Oh geez.. I can't enable all three together without getting the error.

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I'm going to install those three myself to find out what the problem is. It might be something in the libraries module.

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I think I found the problem, it's in the Galleria module. I don't know why it pops up when using the Video module with the Zencoder plugin, but look at #1529288: Wrong implementation of hook_libraries_info() for a fix that removed the error message for me.

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Your problem description matches exactly my own but I don't even have views_slideshow_galleria.module installed. Are there any other reports of this problem happening that have something to do with other modules? A response would be greatly appreciated.

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