I have a node with a CCK ImageField. currently there is a default image associated with the ImageField.
I would like to NOT have the default image show up when a view is called on a page.

Is there a way to add "do not display default value" alongside "hide if empty" when configuring an imagefield in views?



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Project: Views » ImageField
Version: 6.x-3.0 » 6.x-3.x-dev
Component: Views Data » Code

This is all handled by the imagefield module, not Views.

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Not sure if I understand clearly.

Are you saying there is no way to instruct the view to not display a node in the query results if the ImageField is using a default image in place of an actual user uploaded image... because views can't tell the difference?

Is there another solution if that's the case?

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I'm saying that data provided by modules also has its Views integration provided by that module.

Views core does not know any specifics about the data provided by modules -- so any features *about* that data has to be provided by the module. Does that make more sense?

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I understand. Unless ImageField supplies views with "is default" data, then Views cannot distinguish between whether the image was uploaded to the field via user interaction or automated default image binding.

sooooo... any ideas on solutions?

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What about a solution with Filter: image FID with "not null" or ">0" option?