The "Guidelines regarding advertising and Drupal projects" page has been in an "incomplete" state since 2009.

The only part that's really missing, as far as I can tell, is an example of a theme that makes it very easy to remove the credits for that theme (i.e. by having a theme setting for them).

Otherwise I think the page is in pretty good shape. The comments raise some questions, but I think the document actually addresses them. e.g. aclight takes exception with a policy that Drupal core breaks but 1) Drupal core almost always breaks our policies since it is by definition special and 2) core makes the block easily removed.


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It seems to me that this page is balanced and reasonable and expresses what most of the community would expect.

I think we should go with it.

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I made minor changes to the page, mentioned the rationale, and set it to "no known problems". Followups are welcome, of course.

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I found this issue while searching for project page guidelines. I could have sworn there was something about the sponsorship/ad info occurring below the teaser, but can't locate it.

I ask specifically, because while browsing newly created themes i noticed that all the themes by have extensively large teasers (far larger than the others) that include multiple donation/premium info.

Is this type of teaser considered acceptable?

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@WorldFallz - yeah, I don't think this page applies but it could be updated to apply. Maybe open a new issue for that and link to it from here? It might be that we update this same page. is also related.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Updated issue summary to add a more useful link.