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Having installed Drupal 4.5.1, I am trying to modify the "style.css" file under "pushbutton" folder to customize the look of my site. There are quite a lot styles defined in "style.css". I have successfully changed the font and colors for the content pages and links.

but how can I change the font and color of the "Home >> blogs >> someone's blogs" on top of the content page, also how do I change the font and color of the "next page", "previous page", "last page", "first page" and those for the numbers (located in the bottom of the content page)?

Pushbutton is a great theme, but is there a detailed readme for "style.css" used in this theme?

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If you're going to be theming, it's best to just look at the source HTML and see what mark-up and classes are used. Most of them are the same across themes. I recommend getting the web developer extension for Firefox, as it can display class information and tag hierarchies visually.

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thanks for the reply steven. since I am not quite familiar with the theme thing, I wonder what firefox is? usually i use dreamweaver to do my website.

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find out what you have been missing out--



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download firefox, then get the web developer extension for it.

I use Internet Explorer only for getting Windows Updates now.

-Steven Peck
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just installed the extention. wow, I didn't know firefox was so great:-) Thanks for the help.

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I agree with the advice provided in the other comments that Firefox and the Web Developper extension are very useful tools to use.

In the meantime...

- the "Home >> blogs >> someone's blogs" is determined by the "breadcrumb" style
- the "next page", "previous page", "last page", "first page" are defined by the "container-inline" styles in the Drupal.css file. However, in order to keep all your mods in the same file, I'd recommend overridding them by adding a style in the style.css file. You'll probably have to play around with it for a while to get it working right but you could add something like...

.container-inline, .container-inline a {
color: red;
font-size: 0.8em

Good luck.

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omar, thank you for the help. It worked!