Two contrib modules, Media Gallery and Media Nivo Slider, depend on multiforms version 1.0-beta2

Because Julio has 1.0 installed, this breaks things like update.php


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Actually just media_gallery which media nivo slider depends on.

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This is an issue with media_gallery if we switch to the dev release the problem is fixed. I was hoping they would be doing another stable soon, but we should probably switch to the dev release in the meantime. The solution was committed 5 months ago.

See also #1420216: Can't install because of newer version of multiforn (incompatible with version 7.x-1.0)

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Just updated the makefile to use the dev release of media_gallery. Leaving this issue open as a tracking ticket to change to the 1.0 stable of media_gallery if/when it is released.

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Title: Broken dependency on multiform 1.0-beta2 » Update media_gallery to post 1.0-beta7 release when available.
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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.