Recently I moved a site that I maintain from one server to another. I did the DB export and import, file FTP to the new server for the old one, changed the settings.php. But the site was showing up without any CSS. While trying to fix that I commented out "$base_url" in settings.php and suddenly CSS started working. Any idea if that's how it should be? Also, the links are still giving me 404 error. How should I fix that?

Old server configuration:
Apache version 1.3.37
PHP version 4.4.5
MySQL version 4.1.22-standard

New server Configuration:
Apache version 2.2.22
PHP version 5.3.10
MySQL version 5.1.61-cll


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You might want to check if the .htaccess file was copied over, as it's often hidden in most OSes.
That's often what would cause your links to be broken, as the .htaccess file handles the clean URLs

-- Hope that helps!