I needed to apply a big mapping of 111 values with Find & Replace. I found it useful to have a single tamper that gets a list of all replacements. This patch is not yet good to be committed, needs to be tested and improved, but might be helpful to some people.

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Patch above worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Needs work

So after further testing I ran into a problem. I'm using this tamper on a CSV user import, mapping values from several columns onto a taxonomy field, like this:

  1. A Rewrite tamper to pull values from the 24 preceding columns and this one into a single string, comma separated.
  2. This Find and replace multiple tamper, to replace deprecated term names with newer ones in the string. I do this here as opposed to after the Explode because some old terms map to two new ones. (i.e. "term,term,this-one,term" becomes "term,term,that,one,term")
  3. An Explode tamper on commas.
  4. A Unique tamper, in case the find and replace created duplicates.

As expected, the new users get the updated taxonomy terms. However, terms matching the "source" half of the find & replace multiple pairs are being created too. Haven't had the time to track this down, and it's a one-time import so I can deal with just deleting those extra terms, but this feature isn't quite ready.

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How to stop replacing after first replace.
If i have in list

Beauty|Health and Beauty
Health|Health and Beauty

The result is

Health and Beauty and Beauty.

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That seems out of scope for current implementation. Why don't you try:

Health|Health and Beauty
_TEMPORARY1_|Health and Beauty

A bit skechy, but I think it works.

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after update feeds and feed tamper modules this was stopped working

I've got this error when i try to edit find_replace_multiple into UI

Fatal error: Function name must be a string in ..\sites\all\modules\feeds_tamper\feeds_tamper_ui\feeds_tamper_ui.admin.inc on line 459


Fatal error: Function name must be a string in ..\sites\all\modules\feeds_tamper\feeds_tamper.module on line 68

when 9 try to import

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First off....A big thank you to @twistor for your hard work and @franz for posting this patch.

Came across this patch while looking for a way to tame all of the find/replace plugins we've needed to put in place with some pretty dirty data provided by a manufacturer that we needed to clean up.

The find/replace plugin is easy enough...the trouble comes when you have more than a few find/replace plugins in place on a given field. The UI just turns into a mess. This plugin looked like the solution...but it isn't playing nice with the latest dev version for feed_tamper.

Anyone out there with mightier coding skills that may be able to help get this plugin working again? Anyone else out there that is having success with this plugin?

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@pauldolphin what wasn't playing nice for you?

Did a small modification to get it running for me with the current version of dev 7.x-1.x. The 'target' needed to be trim()'ed or it would leave a \r and then never find a match so nothing would get replaced.
Other then that it works great so far.

Updated patch added.

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

Patch in #7 works fine, thanks!

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#7 worked amazingly. Thank you!