The goal is to create a starter theme that can be cloned and used as a subtheme as opposed to people hacking the openchurch base theme which isn't best practice. This will make it easy for site maintainers to create and customize their theme. We will add a documentation page when this is done.

We will test in the 2x branch.


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Added openchurch_theme_starter to the 2x branch in profiles/themes.

I basically made it a very minimal starter subtheme of the openchurch theme. The instructions are to clone it to make changes.

I also made it pre-initialize with the same fusion accelerator settings. The problem I am thinking of tho is that once they clone the theme, they won't retain the skinr settings. So I think I will have to add some instructions maybe on how to export/import those settings from: /admin/appearance/fusion

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I think I just need someone to put together some documentation on how to clone the starter theme and import the the fusion settings from /admin/appearance/fusion. I can give someone a login to the documentation area.

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