Using Backup and Migrate, I created a mysql file from my live site and tried to restore in on my local system. Nothing happened - no restore, no error message and no log messages. It turned out that my max file size was set to 8MB and the mysql file was 9.4MB. After updating the .htaccess and php.ini files to increase the max file size, the restore worked fine.
So, my request is to please add an error or log message when the restore fails because the mysql file exceeds the max file size.


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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Sounds like you're running into post_max_size rather than upload_max_filesize. I believe normal PHP behavior when you exceed the max post size is to cancel the script operation altogether meaning my code doesn't run and can't issue an error. If you increase the post size but keep the upload size low, you'll notice that drupal core is able to issue upload errors.

There's even a 6 year old core issue about this: #30520: file_save_upload() not notifying user when PHP upload limit is exceeded.

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