I'm trying to build a bilingual website using the Internationalization package. The site is for a bilingual audience, i.e. users are generally able to understand both languages (Romanian and Russian), but obviously some would prefer their native language over the other, plus content authors are not equally versed in both languages. All this means that while some content will be translated, often it will not be translated (especially blogs). However, I want to provide a tag cloud that will be language specific (i.e. will contain tags relevant to all content, but will only show terms in user's language) to allow readers to search content by keywords without missing any content that may be in the other language and untranslated. For this I need to either make untranslated content language neutral and assign translated taxonomy terms to it in such a way that the tags would be shown in the correct language for each user's language settings, or mark untranslated content as language-specific but force it to show for all users regardless of their language.

Basically, if an article is not translated, it should be visible to all users regardless of their language and have tags associated with it from both languages, but if an article is translated, readers should only see the version in their preferred language, without seeing the duplicate in the other language.

The problem I have is that with language neutral content, I can only pick tags in the currently chosen language, and taxonomy terms are only shown in that language (i.e. the language that was used when entering taxonomy tags). When viewing such content in the other language, the tags are completely missing instead of being translated (and they are missing from the tag cloud too). This is with taxonomy language settings set to "Translate". If i select "Localize", then the tag cloud shows terms in original language, although translated tags to appear in the content area (but "localized" taxonomy is much more tedious to maintain so I would prefer to use Translate instead). If I assign a language to content, then it is filtered out from the other language view (I have language selection enabled).

Manage display settings are set to "Link (localized)" for tags, Multilingual support in Publishing options is set to "Enabled with translation", Extended language support is set to Extended - All defined languages will be allowed. I did try various other combinations.

The only way I can make it work is by creating translations for all content and assigning language-specific tags, but since not all content is translated, this means that I will need to duplicate a lot of nodes without actually creating any translations.

What am I doing wrong?

PS: I think it used to work (i.e. language-specific tags were shown for language-neutral content when viewing content), but I'm not sure any more, unfortunately. I've been banging my head on the wall for days to figure this out, with no luck, and googling didn't help either. Could be smth simple, but it's extremely frustrating at this point.


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Also looking for something similar for my site? Have you had any feedback on this yet?

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Nope, unfortunately

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i have a content type without translation that has a node reference to a translated content. the reference is set in the language that the user is when editing the form...

did you get a solution?

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Actually I stand corrected.