As a site admin, I am trying to communicate with anonymous users visiting the site. I thought I would set up the live chat desk for this.
- I have provided the chatroom config the node ID of the chatroom to use (admin/settings/chatroom)
- I have provided anonymous users with the necessary permissions
- I have (as an admin - staff user) stayed on the node id page when i went and tested to see if an anonymous user could see the "Live chat desk" as open
- To an anonymous user, the live chat desk always showed the closed message (www.helpinnz.co.nz - View the right sidebar)

What am I missing? Any help will be appreciated..


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Have you made sure that under the performance settings in the admin menu, that the blocks aren't being cached? This solved the problem for me. (Although I'm still having issues with anonymous users having to login [which is broken] which makes the module unusable for me thus far.)