I have a very good site using Version 6 and Views 3 working on Drupal 6. There are four exposed Filters on CCK-fields displayed as a block of Checkboxes. The default state is with the Checkboxes unchecked and all products shown. Selecting one or multiple Checkboxes produces perfect filtering. Resetting takes the block back to the default, unchecked state. Trying to replicate in Version 7 for a site upgrade to Drupal 7 the default state is checked and if all Checkboxes on a filter are unchecked, all of the checkboxes are rechecked automatically for that filter. Is it possible to reproduce the Version 6 fuctionality in Version 7? Nothing I have modified seems to work.


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Solution found. I was looking for a code solution, rather than looking at the logic - a Drupal issue for me! For anyone else wishing to do this (it may be documented elsewhere, but I couldn't find it):
1. Filter on 'Published' and 'Content Type' required - ensures that all products are displayed initially.
2. Create the 'Exposed Filters' required.
3. Check 'Limit list to selected items' - sets the default Checkbox state to unchecked.
4. Check 'Allow multiple selections' - allows granular filtering.
5. Ensure that all logical operators are set to 'AND' in 'Rearrange'
Simple, works perfectly and as usual I feel stupid.

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Seems I have the similar problem. I created new exposed filter which includes list of taxonomy terms as checkboxes. All checkboxes on the form are checked by default but I don´t need that. I trying to find solution in the internet but nothing help. I working with drupal 7, Better exposed filters 7.x-3.0-beta3, views 7.x-3.7. May be anyone know something helpful for my problem? thanks