I have added a cck reference filed to the biblio type.

I have a spreadsheet containing translations types of entries that need to be linked to their original documents using the cck node reference field.

If there is no way of importing the translation publication type with this node reference field, I will have to create a new content type for translations using purely cck instead of biblio+cck.

- is there any way to imoprt cck filed content along with biblio content?
- is there any way to fill two or more taxonomies with different terms for each entry while importing entries?



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I'm afraid I really don't know anything about CCK, so I can't really answer your first question, and the short answer to your second question is no.

Sorry I wasn't much help here.


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But.... You allow setting multiple taxonomy termson all imported entries. Why can't you allow a field to set the taxonomy per entry?.. I'll need to move a few content types out of biblio and into cck because of this because I have al ot of data to import. :(


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Perhaps I misunderstand the request. Currently, when doing a bulk import from file, it is possible to assign the keywords from the entries in the file to a specific vocabulary. So are you looking to do the same thing to multiple vocabularies?

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yes, I have several vocabularies assigned to my book content type, not just keywords.


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This would probably be solved by #682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module since it could allow use of the standard Node Import module. Marking as duplicate.