I'm trying to set the publish_on and/or unpublish_on values programmaticaly during the import of data out of a csv file.

I tried to set the (un)publish_on value in to ways

unpublish_on['date'] = '2012-12-31';
unpublish_on['time'] = '23:59:59';

and by

unpublish_on = 1388530799;

but both didn't work.

Can someone tell me a working way to set the values in a php script?

Thanks a lot.


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The publish_on and unpublish_on values are stored in the {scheduler} table as unix timestamps so you are right that ultimately the values should be a ten-digit integer.

During your process, are you creating the node, then writing a separate insert into the {scheduler} table? or attempting to do it all in one go?

And when you say 'did not work' what exactly was the result? Was it simply that no values were inserted into the {scheduler} table, or did you get errors during the php script?

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I'm trying to create a node manually by setting all needed fields like

$node->title = 'Title';
$node->status = 0;
$node->user = 'admin';

and so on.

i also tried

$node->publish_on = 1388530799;

did not work means, that when I go to the edit page of the so created node, the pulish_on field is still empty.
I looked into the database, there seems to be no entry for the created node in the {scheduler} table.

Doing an INSERT Statement would be a possible way to do ( didn't try yet ), but i think there should be also a 'normal' way by creating the node manually.

Edit: Ok, using drupal_write_record worked, the value is inserted ito the database and shown on the editi-page.
But is still think there should be an direct way.

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I'm trying to create a node manually by setting all needed fields

... and after that, how is your php script actually creating the node records in the db? Are you coding an insert into the {node} table and another into the {node_revision} table? Or are you processing via some drupal functions which ultimately do this for you?

There are built-in actions to operate on nodes which call hook functions, e.g. hook_node_insert, and scheduler for D7 does implement scheduler_node_insert() which inserts a row into the {scheduler} table. In D6 this is done as part of scheduler_nodeapi() so it should be possible to do it with existing functions.

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i create a node object manually like

$node  = new StdClass();
$node->status = 0;
$node->field_cckfield[0]['value'] = 'Content of a cck field '

and so on.

and at the end I simply do an node_save($node).
That works for anything i had to do, but not for the scheduler.
I still do not understand how to set the variable in a way node_save() can handle it.
I assume that node_save will call scheduler_nodeapi() but it seems to not accept the data in the way i presented it.

I think I will look into the scheduler_nodeapi() if I have some sparetime to get into the 'secret' of doing it the right way through node_save().

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There's likely a cleaner way, I ended up doing it like this..

$node->publish_on = strtotime($pub);
$node->unpublish_on = strtotime($unpub);

node_save($node);   ## Save a node object into the database.
scheduler_node_update($node);	## update publisher fields	
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ok, that seems to be an understandable way to do what I wanted :)

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Thank you NEB for sharing your solution. Yes, calling scheduler_node_update() will do it, but you could also call scheduler_node_insert() which does almost the same thing. They are both 7.x functions. For 6.x (the original version of the issue) you would call scheduler_nodeapi() with op=insert or update.

Closing this issue now.