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Last updated: April 5, 2012 - 03:06

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-5.0:

  • #1515384: Fixed Not all temporary files are removed.
  • #1512128: Fixed Drush 5.0 Make fails on certain recursive .make files if duplicate projects are declared.
  • #1514120 by jhedstrom | jgraham: Fixed subtree option no longer works.
  • #1510180 by drclaw | moshe weitzman: Fixed Drush Make Recursions don't apply the original options.
  • #1499580 by waverate: Unknown engine type version-control.
  • Revert code change from 2c60d69dcf and change docs about --input-file to --file
  • fixed bug in sql_query
  • #1490714: Fixed Single file libraries with incorrect names.
  • #1505290 by langworthy: Fixed Drush make errors on includes[].
  • #1498624 by tbfisher, jhedstrom: Fixed make does not install .htaccess.
  • #1496426 by Owen Barton | daften: Fixed test-run autocomplete gives errors.
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