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Now that you have Zentropy installed, it's time to create your very own Zentropy Subtheme!

Before we get into it, let's take a look at some of the terminology we will find:

Theme Name
The theme name is a natural language name for your theme, for example "My Awesome Theme". It is ok to include numbers, spaces and special characters, just make sure you start with a letter!
Theme Machine Name
The machine name is a shortened, machine-friendly name for your theme, for example "my_awesome_theme" It can't container numbers, spaces or special characters, only lowercase letters and underscores and is necessary for Drupal to properly recognize your theme.

Method A: With Drush

  1. Go to your site's root in a terminal and run drush zns "Theme Name" "theme_machine_name" to create a new Subtheme.
  2. Head over to "Appearance" (admin/appearance) and enable your new Subtheme and set it as the default theme

Note: You might have to clear Drush's cache to enable the command: drush cc drush

Method B: Retro-style (without Drush)

  1. Copy the SUBTHEME folder from Zentropy to /sites/all/themes/
  2. Pick a theme name and a theme_machine_name.
  3. Search and replace "SUBTHEME" with your Subtheme's machine_name in all files.
  4. Search and replace "Zentropy Subtheme" with your Subtheme's name in all files.
  5. Edit your subtheme's .info file and uncomment line #7 (;core = 7.x)
  6. Head over to "Appearance" (admin/appearance) and enable your new Subtheme and set it as the default theme

You are done!

What's next?

Now that you have a brand new Zentropy Subtheme enabled, it's time to configure your theme and get even close to creating a beautiful responsive HTML5 theme for your website!

Read on! Step 3: Basic Configuration

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.