Define the property type when the field is not stored n the database in order to be selectable in the Search API index fields.


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I created a patch which sets the property type even if the field is not stored in the database.

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I think the main reason we need to do that is because it raises an EntityMetadataWrapperException : Unknown data property... for such fields.
Am i right skipyT ?

Edit: silly me, it was another issue: #1414282: Support for entity_metadata_wrapper()

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I think you need to replace that line :
$field['settings']['database']['data_type'] by $field_type['property_type'] = $property_types[$field['settings']['database']['data_type']]; + the getter callback should return the value coming from the computed function.

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I modified the previous patch file after jsacksick review.

New patch file attached.

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It seems ok for me.

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This patch contains both an error and a performance issue. Rerolling

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Version:7.x-1.0-beta1» 7.x-1.x-dev
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New features go into the latest dev branch. This is not critical as the module will still work without it.