Currently the configuration of this module allows for the use of a custom #markup output for showing the results as Titles with Links. It also allows for "Full Content" or "Teaser" view modes to be used. Drupal 7 allows for a plethora of custom view modes to be used and I think this module would be better if those were supported. This patch gets rid of this custom #markup bit and uses only view modes. Open to discussion about keeping the "Titles" custom markup and also supporting all available view modes along with it.

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Assigning to bleedev so that reviewing this patch hits his queue. However, @brantwynn, would you consider rerolling to incorporate the option of just displaying titles as links? I like the flexibility that this patch adds with respect to supporting additional node view modes. But "title as link" is important to our client who's funding the project and I think it's good option.

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I'm not opposed to it. I think we just need to make sure we clarify in the form what's going on with the dropdown select. Essentially the first option (title only) is a custom view while the other options are the actual core-driven view modes. I'll see about throwing up a variation on this patch that includes the "title only" markup output as an option.

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Thanks Brantwynn. The whole interface does need better help text. I don't think that help text needs to explain where the different view modes are coming from or anything (heck, that would suggest that Drupal itself is usable... ;) ).

Looking forward to seeing your patch. Thanks for the help!

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Okay, I didn't update the help text. Here's a patch that uses either the 'Linked Titles' in the #markup or puts together the results using view modes.

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Made a few changes and committed this feature.