Hi bryanhirsch & everyone,
What do you think about adding Drupal elearning courses to the site (built with Drupal Course, to learn about Drupal). So lessons could be part of an actual course workflow to better help people through the learning process (also track progress, even award certificates of completion etc).

Proposed resolution

Add Course module: to the learn distro, and create courses on

Remaining tasks

We're in the middle of another sprint to get Course module to a stable release. It would be good to start a discussion about this in advance - if there's interest in adding this functionality to the distribution - but it's probably best to wait for that release before actually using on the ladder site.


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Title: Course API » Integrate Course API into Drupal Learn distro

Changing name for clarity

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Spoke with bryanhirsch in IRC about this issue - quick snippet from #learndrupal to give the gist:

[2:23pm] bryanhirsch: scottrigby: I'll spend some more time looking at your issue. Thanks for the thought. Please take a look at ROADMAP.txt in the 7.x-1.x branch of the learn project. I'm interested to know if you envision this for 1.0 or for later. Either way, it would be great if you would be willing to do a proof of concept in a feature branch.
[2:23pm] bryanhirsch: there's a lot of interest in LMS / e-learning / lesson registry stuff.
[2:23pm] scottrigby: yeah for sure
[2:24pm] bryanhirsch: i'm not an expert, so I don't feel qualified to make this piece of the roadmap. i'm definitely open to it for 1.0 if it's a complement to the minimum viable product.
[2:24pm] scottrigby: i'll check the roadmap & BrockBoland also suggested adding a proof of concept, which sounds great
[2:24pm] bryanhirsch: and i'm definintely interested in it as a feature post-1.0 release if it's too big an animal to tame in the near term.

So the current plan-in-progress may look something like:

  1. Create new Learn feature branch integrating Course
  2. Format existing material into a simple course outline (enabling users to track their progress on the Drupal ladder, etc)
  3. Shoot for a first version of proof of concept for feedaback before feature freeze (see how that goes)
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Crossreffing an older issue in core #489392: New Project Type: Course

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Sounds like a good plan. I'm not sure what the scope of this is: Is this something you can break into multiple tasks so that others can help out? Or is the kind of thing where you know what needs to happen and it will be easier just to do it yourself?

If nothing else, I can help out with testing, but if this can be broken down into smaller pieces I'd be happy to help where I can.

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Project: Learn » Drupal Ladder

Any movement on this? If it's not going to happen, let's close this issue.

Personally, given the short timeframe of this initiative—our goals only go about 18 months out—I'd rather focus efforts on improving and adding lessons than re-working the internals.

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@BrockBoland there hasn't been much movement because our 7.x Course milestone got pushed back. Also I changed jobs, and my priorities have shifted a bit… I would still be interested in this, but definitely would be on a different time frame if so :)

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I have started a project for creating and editing simple DocBook documents on Drupal:
I think that it may be useful for developing course materials.

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