On this site I use FB like button along with +1 button. The page is cached.
After clicking the like button, a number appears. If I navigate to other page and back the number is no longer there. +1 button works ok.
Any solution?
thank you


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As i see the counter is 0 then hidden...

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The counter is 0, after clicking it is 1 (FB says on my wall tha t I liked that product), after refreshing the page the counter is 0 again.
I tried to turn off tha cache and FB button behaves as supposed.
What can be done here?

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I dont think the cache is your problem, i tried to like your content but the procedure shouldn't end graying the button, after that should appear another link asking for a confirmation...

Just a question the block there is loaded with an ajax request? This #1500544: Widgets fail to appear on AJAX-loaded content could help you

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Thank you for answer. The whole page is created by views + panels. The only ajaxed block on page is cart block.
Another strange thing I noticed is that after liking a product, FB shows only link on wall, instead of a thumbnail+ description. I do have og properties properly set up.
Maybe it is not working good with views/panels?

I tried to do some debugging:
Please have a look at my test site www(dot)test.biome.sk/story
page is not cachced
content type story is defeult drupal template (no panels/views)
added share on FB button
fb like button works with caching disabled. However, no link appears after clicking button- this happens only with share on fb button.
After enabling caching on my test page - fb button works ok

This make me think it has something to do with views/panels

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Hi, did you find a solution to your problem?