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Last updated: April 2, 2012 - 15:15

Release notes

Please download Drupal Commons from as the current tarball is not fully packaged.

Drupal Commons 2.6 contains product enhancements and security updates. Users are strongly encouraged to apply this security update.

Version announcements

Drupal Core updated

Drupal core is updated to 6.25.

Security updates to contributed Drupal projects

Security updates to the following contributed Drupal modules are included in this release:

Bug fixes

  • Bug #1430006 by ezra-g and lightsurge: Facebook status link & photo buttons do not appear in Internet Explorer
  • Followup to Bug #1180080 by lightsurge: Date off by one day in dateblock (calendar ok)
  • Bug #1469430 by ezra-g: Breadcrumbs should only be set when viewing community-oriented content
  • Bug #1509722 by ezra-g: Commons should specify Views slideshow 2.x
  • Bug #1471816 by ezra-g: Group search doesn't filter appropriately with ApacheSolr
  • Bug #1440860 by ezra-g: Unable to post status update on fresh install
  • Other changes

    Site builders may wish to be aware of the following maintenance items completed on Commons since 2.5:

  • Task #1468900 by ezra-g: Remove deprecated Answers module patch
  • Task #1016804 by ezra-g: Refactor Q+A Voting widget
  • Task #1441346 by ezra-g: Remove patch committed upstream: Activity log resize.
  • Installing Commons 2.6

    For information about how to install Commons 2.6, see Installing Commons on a new server.

    Upgrading to Commons 2.6 from Commons 2.x

    IMPORTANT: If you're upgrading to Commons 2.6 directly from a Commons 1.7 installation, see the Upgrading to Commons 2.5 from Commons 1.7 section of these release notes.

    To upgrade your server to Commons 2.6 from Commons 2.x, complete the following steps:

    Preparing for the upgrade

    1. Back up your code (everything in your Drupal root directory) and your database.
    2. Open a web browser, and then log in to your site as the main administrator account.
    3. Place the site in "Off-line" mode. This allows database updates to run without interruption, and without displaying errors to visitors of your site. To change the mode, complete the following steps:
      1. In your web browser, open http://site_URL/admin/settings/site-maintenance, where site_URL is the URL of your Commons server.
      2. Select the Off-line option.
      3. Click Save configuration.

    Installing the upgrade

    1. Extract the new Commons tarball and copy the contents into your document root.
    2. In your web browser, open http://site_URL/update.php
    3. In your web browser, open the Performance page at http://site_URL/admin/settings/performance, and then click Clear cached data.
    4. Open the Features page at http://site_URL/admin/build/features.
    5. Examine the list of Features, and for each feature with a State of Overridden, revert the feature. To revert a feature, complete the following steps:
      1. Click the Overridden link for the feature. A page opens that provides more information about the selected feature.
      2. Select all of the checkboxes relating to overridden components on the page.
      3. Click Revert components.

    Completing the upgrade and restarting your website

    Allow your visitors to access your web site by returning your site to "Online" mode:

    1. In your web browser, open http://site_URL/admin/settings/site-maintenance.
    2. Select the Online option.
    3. Click Save configuration.

    Note: If you use the Commons Origins theme and it displays with errors, complete the following steps:

    1. Clear the site cache at http://site_URL/admin/settings/performance.
    2. Reset your local browser cache with a hard refresh. For most browsers, you can do this by pressing the Shift key while selecting Refresh.

    Upgrading to Commons 2.5 from Commons 1.7

    To upgrade your server to Commons 2.5 from Commons 1.7, see the instructions at Upgrading to Commons 2.x from version 1.7.

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