I want to add images of each book but i don't know if this is possible with biblography module.
What a i have to do to add one or more images of each book i add (please) in the database?
¿Can i add a review too (like fivestar or something similar)?



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No you can't with the current version, but I'll try to include this feature in the 6.x version.


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In the mean time, you may want to take a look at the Amazon associate tools - http://drupal.org/project/amazontools - which allows you to add the Amazon.com product id (i.e. ISBN) in order to display the cover image and a link through to Amazon.

Used with views you can display small, medium or large images either as links or plain images.

See, for example, http://digiplay.info/digibiblio/latest


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I think some sort of integration with the Amazon module would be great. I use both modules side by side on several websites. I need biblio for full citations and articles but use Amazon for recommended books people can purchase. The random book block with an image is also nice. But it gets a bit confusing for people and if biblio could somehow integrate the info from the Amazon module, it would make it very powerful indeed. Of course, Zotero-like functionality of extracting bibliographic info from Amazon would be great but something less would be enough.

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Or, by installing the Image module, you can use the functionality in image_attach.module to attach an image to the biblio node.

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Or you can use CCK and add more fields, including image field.

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I would install the ASIN module (http://drupal.org/project/ASIN) which provides an amazon field type that you can then add using CCK.

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Or you can just enable it for content type bilbio

What would be great would be to link the biblio ISBN and amazon tools ASIN fields so they don't both need populating.

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Marking issue closed.

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