Download date-7.x-2.3.tar.gztar.gz 205.53 KB
MD5: 3290ee3891157384b606633dda02fe19
SHA-1: 8972959ec7dd411267aa4a95958ada378deda929
SHA-256: 0660df2e07ea1f1fc8db3e5f2554b2e6760cd56e2f3f447ca4f26cdf12ff549c
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MD5: b8e39350fd2a1913ea90f0e0e906b16d
SHA-1: 7fe7545c3d8c221ea1fb6a1f265139c4cf638888
SHA-256: 3cfbf00e2e062d6bee7c714304b48cbda5adebc7c758bd801b509249ee0d921f

Release info

Created by: KarenS
Created on: April 1, 2012 - 09:36
Last updated: July 30, 2014 - 19:45
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Version 7.x-2.3

- Issue #1444804, Remove html placeholder on text widget.
- Issue #1286230, Clean up date pager documentation, it contains deprecated information.
- Issue #1469020, Make sure page not found is working right for dates outside the specified range.
- Issue #1111626, Fix some problems caused by passing in a date string with an offset.
- Issue #1477860, Avoid undefined index errors in date_views_select_validate().
- Issue #1469038, Add some clarity to the BYDAY description options and make sure a valid value is selected.
- Issue #1405364 by snufkin, Add display options to format_interval to match Views interval options.
- Issue #1266688 by linclark, Add microdata support to Date metadata.
- Issue #1509434 by casey, Add timezone info in hook_field_presave() instead of hook_field_insert() and hook_field_update().
- Issue #1509012, Fix fatal error when viewing repeat tab.
- Issue #1037174 by dealancer, More work to allow ajax to work on other widgets.
- Issue #1473592 by zabelc, Make sure migrated date with missing end date still gets imported correctly.
- Issue #1442718 by jastraat and bones, Make sure show end date checkbox does not display when end date is empty.
- Issue #1504556, Fix invalid access permission name in Date API configuration menu.
- Issue #1484458, Vega timepicker code was incorrectly computing the default date because of the wrong format for the value passed to it.
- Issue #1459668, Add back Remove date_field_get_sql_handler() function temporarily since Signup module is still using it. Mark it deprecated.
- Issue #1478296, Display longer abbreviations for day names in date repeat widget so they can be translated.
- Issue #1488662 by martin.heidegger, Make error message more easily translatable.
- Issue #1478848 by onelittleant, Don't set default values on new translation entities.
- Issue #1360672, Fix limit format code to remove leftover non-ascii text as well as leftover ascii text.
- Issue #1464280 by geerlingguy Georgique and dealancer: Fix notice when using exposed between filter.
- Issue #1484640 by onelittleant, Some entities may not have base tables.
- Issue #1472966, Get rid of notice that appears for entities without repeats.
- Move pager css around. Some code in Calendar and Date API belongs in Date Views.
- Fix Date Popup default format which was ending up using 24 hour time no matter what format was used for short format.
- Remove outdated _repeat widget name from Date Tools.
- Date Tools is defaulting to creating a calendar even if Calendar module is not enabled.
- Issue #1472148 by arlinsandbulte: wvega jQuery time-picker doesn't show scrollbar.
- Issue #1392128 by kidrobot, tim.plunkett, willvincent: Fixed Repeats tab shows on nodes with non-repeating dates.
- Issue #1452882 by coredumperror: Fixed Date Migrate Example doesn't deregister it's migration when disabled.
- Issue #1452408 by reglogge: Fixed Trailing dots are removed from date formats even if they are needed for the format.
- Issue #1285260 by Steven Jones: Fixed 'Starting from' display option.
- Issue #1467244 by bluetegu: Fixed Recurring Sunday errors.
- Issue #1442718, Empty default values were getting populated by the code that tried to fix default values on hidden fields.
- Make sure date_handler->placeholders gets initialized even for queries that don't execute so the pager won't throw an exception if the value is missing.