When I deselect "Use on Registration" on the "content profile" tab, the tab does not show up on the user's profile.
I am using APK.
I would like the user to provide only the basic info (email & pwd) at registration and fill-in all other information after login in his profile. But the node I created is not associated to the user when "Use on Registration" is deselected.
If selected, the node show up at the registration, it assigns to the user's profile and it also appears on his profile tab.

Thank you for your help with this great module.


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I think I'm experiencing similar issues.

I have a uprofile content type under APK that was "Use on registration". I've since deselected as atilla had and found too that my users can no longer see any uprofile content (their own or other's) or links to update the uprofile on their profile pages. I can both see it and edit it as admin though, so it's still there.

If I go direct to http://www.example.com/profile/profile-myuser I get an Access Denied message.

I will add that I'm using a raft of other node access modules in my configuration (domain_access and domain_content_types for example), but other similar APK content types I've created are all working fine and as expected. I've checked permissions and everything there is okay too.

I "fixed" the problem by exporting the old uprofile content type and using that to create a new_profile content type. I deleted the old uprofile content type (and lost all the data I had - only test stuff in my case). I also needed to revisit the permissions. Everything now shows up as expected.

I still feel this is an error with Content Profile and there's probably a DB fix to make the content type accessible in the meantime and preserve any data, but the above worked for me.

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Marking as a bug.

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Marking against base module.

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Solved for me, I used "Hide form fields" to hide fields only on registration.