I have a 'video' content type with an Embedded Video CCK field and when attempting to update the CCK field's video-related settings they do not save. I'm using emfield-6.x-2.5 with the providers media_youtube-6.x-1.3 and media_vimeo-6.x.1.1. I'm trying to disable autoplay and change the width and height of my full size videos, but when I reload the CCK field's settings they remain the same. I also cannot disable any of the providers. I'm able to update any non-emfield fields (basic information, global settings).

I've cleared all caches, run update.php and even disabled the media_youtube module, but the problem persists.

Also, where are these emfield video settings stored? I have not been able to locate them in the database. I'm hoping I can manually make the changes by editing a record.

Note: The platform I'm using is Acquia Commons 2.4 (based on Drupal 6.24) running on BOA 2.0.2 (Aegir).


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Same issue here, unable to save field options for the video field. I'm using emfield with the Wistia 3rd party plugin.

All options can be set, but when saved they seem to revert to the default values every time.

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As a temporary workaround, try disabling the Embedded Media Bonus Pack module... that's what seems to be preventing the field settings from saving for me.

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Same problem here with Drupal core 6.25 / Embedded Media Field 6.x-2.5. bmcclure's suggestion of disabling the Embedded Media Bonus Pack module allowed changes to be saved.

Note to self: fbd.c