I'm using Drupal 6.24

I want the page to refresh to the current page the view was on when deleted.

I've already tried using rules to have to force the page to redirect to the current page, but that didn't work.

Anyone know why this redirect to /node is happening?

Thanks in advance.


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Category: bug » support

VBO should redirect to its own page. Which version of VBO are you using? 6.x-1.3 is quite old.

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I am using that version. According to the project page, I can only use that version for my D6 site. Is there a newer release out there that is not on the project page?


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Version: 6.x-1.3 » 6.x-1.13

You probably mean 6.x-1.13 then?

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Yes I am using version 6.x-1.13. Sorry for the confusion.

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Please try the latest dev version (6.x-1.x-dev) does it work better?

Otherwise, please explain in more detail the steps needed to reproduce your scenario.

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I'm having a similar issue. I just updated my VBO from 6.x-1.13 to 6.x-1.16.

What used to work for me (execute a bulk operation, and was returned to the page expected) no longer works. The culprit seems to be a commit on Feb 28, 2012.

Our view is embedded in a panel page. It used by different groups, so the code that pulls the view->url does not work for us, as different groups have different urls that aren't the same as the view url.

Is there a way for me to make this work without hacking the module? I need the redirect to kick back to $_GET['q'] again...