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Node-outer has node-inner displayed within it. Form-edit-trigger is a form with one button, shown before node-inner (not inside node-inner - form-edit-trigger and node-inner are siblings). Clicking the button replaces form-edit-trigger with form-edit-inner-node, a form for editing the content of inner-node. It's the usual Drupal form for editing content of a node, with all the fields and such.

Click Save button on form-edit-inner-node to save the form's data, and return to the original display - node-outer [ form-edit-trigger node-inner ] .

Works fine w/o CKEditor.

Install CKEditor module and configure it.

Show node-outer as before. Click the form-edit-trigger button. Display is as expected. The body field in form-edit-inner-node shows with CKEditor handling content editing. Click Save, and... WSOD! (Because JS code crashed, and left freeze-height displayed.)


Tracked problem to line 124 of includes/ckeditor.utils.js:

if (run_filter && ($("#" + textarea_id).val().length > 0) && ...

textarea_id is empty, so $("#" + textarea_id).val() fails.

Wrapped that if statement (including its else) in this:

if ( $("#" + textarea_id).size() > 0 ) {

Everything works now. No obvious evil side effects.


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Thank you @mathieso for noticing this and for your solution. We try check and fix this as soon as possible.

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I commit a little fix to GIT (diff).

Pls check last DEV version. If i doesn't help pls reopen this issue.


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Title:WSOD on saving content from CKEditor using Ajax when node edit form is embedded in display of another node» [D7] WSOD on saving content from CKEditor using Ajax when node edit form is embedded in display of another node

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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