Similar to Devel module's #1263514: patch to notify (likely technical) user what (svn-command) failed in `drush en devel` - show copy of the exec

If svn isn't installed, you get a pretty generic error:

Drush was unable to download CKEditor to /var/www/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor.

First thought to fix was permisssions, after all how often does installing subversion solve the problem? :P

The devel patch above shows the failed exec line which would help in debugging.


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I make patch for it - pls apply this patch to last DEV version and check does it work or nor for u.


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Title: 'drush ckeditor-download' fails if svn not installed » [D7] 'drush ckeditor-download' fails if svn not installed
Status: Needs review » Fixed

Changes commited to GIT (diff).


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