When user view the node, the map display is not zoom-in'ed, so users have to zoom-in the map to get a more clear view.
See Screenshot below:

no zoom in

Is there any way to set a default zoom-in level for map display in node?
Make user to see the map in a more close look by default which is good for accessibility. something like this below:



Untitled.png482.46 KBgilzero
109579.png256.3 KBgilzero
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I was about to post the same support request when I found this one.

Basically I created a content type with a Geofield and when I set the default location I can set the geographical point but not the default zoom level. So when a user creates a node of that type, the map widget is not zoomed to a usable level. How to set the default zoom level? Or, how to replace the default map with a custom map? Shouldn't the default location map store the zoom level as well as the default point?

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OK got it.

1. From admin/structure/openlayers/maps add or clone a map.
2. Then set the center point and zoom level in your new custom map.
3. Then in Behaviors, add the Geofield behavior.
4. At this point in your Geofield content type field, you will be able to select your custom map instead of the default (under the OpenLayers Map drop down menu)

PS you also need to add the Geofield Placeholder layer in order to have your custom map available for display as well.

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Actually, I think the behaviour you're looking for is the "Zoom to layer" behaviour. You can select the layer(s) to zoom to. This also has an option to specify the zoom level for points.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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This is exactly what i was looking for. Thank you !!

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